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"GG The Giraffe"

Well who’s that walking down the street?
Hey cats, well I don’t know
But she’s got that look that says
she knows just where she wants to go

Even Hatchy’s Fancy Shoes
can’t compare to the way she grooves
She’s shiner than The Spine
and Rabbit ain't got nothing on her moves

Who's that robot giraffe that's oh so cute
The one that's super charismatic and beautiful to boot

Should I tell them?

Well I’m GG the Giraffe
and everybody loves me, everybody loves
She’s GG the Giraffe
and everybody loves her, everybody loves

I am am so freaking adorable
You should send me gifts because if you don't, that'd be horrible

I want a Lamborghini and a bucket of kittens
I don't have thumbs, but I could use some mittens
covered in gemstones
and maybe some super-expensive headphones
The kind with the super-deep bass sound
So I can jam out to the max around town

I actually don’t get to leave the house much, but



I have lots of friends all across the world
They just haven't ever called, or even ever met this lonesome girl

But I have a gazillion followers on the social streams
I haven't met them all, but I am sure that they love me
because I am so genuine
Oh and I just remembered I always wanted a penguin

You know the kind that wear fancy bow ties
and serve you dinner just like they do for Mary Poppins and that Dick Van Dyke guy
I guess it would also be kind of neat
if that penguin could keep a beat with his happy feet

So send one straight to my door
I’m sure they've got one down at your local penguin store
and make sure you send along some ice

Because I think they need that to survive but I’m too small to reach the freezer in the kitchen and maybe I could reach it with a step stool, but oh no wait the penguin still needs ice during shipment so maybe you could put some ice in the box with it and maybe that would just get wet, and it would break...

‘kay, instead
just ship the Lamborghini with the penguin in the passenger seat
and leave the engine running with the air conditioner on for the penguin and the headphones and mittens in the backseat